Part-time, Full-time Jobs for WIRED HOTEL in Asakusa!

WIRED HOTEL Asakusaupdated Mar 23, 2017


Cafe Company‘s mission is to build community. From our very first WIRED CAFE in Harajuku in 1999, it has always been our goal to blend into the neighborhood, to create a gathering place for the Harajuku community. Creating cafes is simply our method for creating and supporting community.

Our definition of a cafe is very broad – it can be any relaxing gathering place, preferably with good food and drink. We’ve made everything from neighborhood coffee shops, Italian restaurants, ramen shops, pancake houses, and high-end restaurants to book stores, cooking studios, and yoga studios. As creators of community gathering places, it’s only natural that we expand our definition of a cafe to include a hotel.

WIRED HOTEL will be opening in Asakusa in April 2017, with the concept of “Local Community Hotel”. It will be the first of what we hope will be many new must-visit landmarks in Japan. It will integrate into the Asakusa neighborhood by working with the local shop owners to provide a true, deep Asakusa experience.

Pre-open site:

1MILE x 100MILE Events

Any world traveler going to new city knows that the best way to find out about where to visit is to ignore the guidebooks and ask locals. We plan to gather all this information from our current communities here in Tokyo and offer it up to our hotel guests.

For our 1MILE x 100MILE event series, we invite Japanese and non-Japanese long-time residents of Tokyo to become hotel Ambassadors and introduce their favorites points of interest in and around the city. Each Ambassador showcases a hyper local (1 mile) place (cafe/bar/karaoke joint, etc.) and a great place for a short day trip from the city (100 mile).

This event series is still in the experimental phase, and we hope to think up other new and exciting ways to creat the best Japan community experience.

Site: Facebook page

Our first 1 mile / 100 mile event where we announced WIRED HOTEL

Our first 1 mile / 100 mile event in Aug. 2015 where we announced WIRED HOTEL.

See also our YouTube video of this first event.

Hotel Details

The hotel is currently under construction and will open in April 2017. It will feature stay types from hostel style bunk beds to luxury penthouses. The price range will be from 5,000 JPY to 50,000 JPY per night.

Model of the hotel (may change).

Model of the hotel (may change).

– Location: Asakusa, Tokyo
– Size: 10 floors, 31 rooms
– Layout:
1F – Cafe/Bar Lounge
2F – Theatre (not operated by Cafe Company)
3F – 10F – Hotel Rooms

  • s302e
  • s501d
  • s504c
  • s507s
  • s802b
  • s902a
  • s1001s

Job Description 1: General Manager (Rooms Division)

We are now looking for someone who will the the number one person in charge of all hotel operations. This person will have experience in the hotel business, but not necessarily have General Manager experience. We ourselves are an F&B company, so we need people with a background in Rooms Division, not F&B. We want someone who loves to travel, loves meeting new people and creating communities, loves food, loves Tokyo, and wants to experience starting something new.

– 5 years or more of hotel operation experience in the Rooms Division
– must have business or higher level of both Japanese & English
– must currently reside in Japan, and have plans to stay here for a while.
– have experience working outside of Japan
– have food & beverage experience

Start date: Immediately. Until hotel opens, work will be done at our Harajuku head office.
Salary: 300,000 – 400,000 yen/month (depending on experience)
Type: Regular full-time employee (正社員)

Job Description 2: General Operational Staff

We are also looking for General Operational Staff to work in such areas as: front desk / reception, reservations, concierge, guest relations, event planning, and including helping out at the first floor cafe / bar.

We will have both part-time jobs, full-time jobs (with visa sponsorship for qualified candidates). Before we hire anyone for a full-time position, we usually start with 3 – 6 months of part-time before deciding whether to go full-time or not.

– New or recent grad from a 4 year university.
– must have business or higher level of both Japanese & English
– must currently reside in Japan, with the proper visa & permission to work, and have plans to stay here for a while.
– must be a people person who loves communicating with guests, and enjoys hospitality & customer services.
– must have a love of food and Japanese culture.
– have some hotel experience.
– have food & beverage experience

Start date: March 2017.
Salary: 180,000 – 250,000 yen/month (depending on experience)
Type: Part-time or Full-time (part-time work starts at 1,000 yen/hour.)

To apply:

Apply at by email, send us your:

– CV (w/headshot picture) in PDF or Word in English and Japanese.

Other Jobs

Please check other information on this site for possible jobs with us as:

Paid, open to any one, must commit to work at least 6 – 12 months, speak conversational Japanese.

Unpaid, open to students in a Japanese university and graduating in 2016 or 2017, commit to work 2 months, speak conversational Japanese.

Full-time 正社員・新卒採用
New grads looking for full-time employee work w/ visa sponsorship here in Japan.