Part-Time Jobs

Updated: April 21, 2017

These are some current openings:

– [NEW!] Ginza Premium Food Hall – Japanese Food @ Ginza, Tokyo

– WIRED HOTEL Asakusa – General Hotel Operations Staff @ Asakusa, Tokyo

IYEMON SALON – Green Tea Room & Cafe @ Kyoto

– Rosemary’s Tokyo – Italian Restaurant from New York @ Shinjuku, Tokyo

– Señor Doichan –  Spanish Izakaya @ Aoyama, Tokyo

– MOJA in the HOUSE –  Modern American Diner @ Shibuya, Tokyo

– Hakko 5 –  Fermentation Japanese/Korean Izakaya @ Omotesando, Tokyo

WIRED  CAFE Dining Lounge Takanawa – Fusion Restaurant @ Shinagawa, Tokyo

– WIRED TOKYO 1999 – Fusion Restaurant / Book Store @ Shibuya, Tokyo

Morizumi’s Ramen – Specialty Ramen Shop @ Suidobashi, Tokyo

Minori Minoru – Japanese Farmer’s Restaurant @ Ginza, Tokyo

Kyoto Modern Terrace – Retro Renovation Cafe @ Kyoto

Hakata 9 – Food Court @ Fukuoka, Kyushu

We always have opening in other locations, so please inquire below for more details.

About Us

Cafe Company Inc. is a cafe/restaurant operator in Tokyo.
We have around 100 locations in Japan (mainly Tokyo, a few in Osaka & Kyoto), 4 in Hong Kong, and 1 in Bangkok.

We have multi-brand approach and each cafe/restaurant we create takes into account the personality of the neighborhood and surrounding community. Our shops reflect the latest trends in Tokyo street fashion, music, art, and are a fusion of Japanese and international styles.

Part-time Positions at Cafe Company

We originally created this site for our internship program (hence the URL), but have expanded to include part-time and full-time employees as well.

Who are we looking for?

We want international students, working holiday visitors, or other long term international residents in Japan and who looking for work experience in a real-world Japanese business environment. Work in a fun and upbeat cafe / restaurant in Tokyo, earn some money, and improve your Japanese along the way!

Why are we hiring international/foreigner staff?

We are an Japanese company with an almost entirely Japanese staff. However, the number of foreign tourists coming to Japan is increasing every year, and will continue increasing leading up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. We need staff who can take care of our increasingly international clientele, while still speaking enough Japanese to work with our Japanese staff & customers.

Staff at Rosemary's Tokyo in Shinjuku.

Staff at Rosemary’s Tokyo in Shinjuku.

Also, we are looking to aggressively expand globally in the next couple of years and would like to find those superstars who we can entrust in the future, full-time to our global locations. Those who start out as part-timers would have the opportunity to come in full-time in the future.

Job Descriptions

We have two main job types: hall/server staff or kitchen staff.

Hall/Server Staff:

Most of our cafes & restaurants are full service, so our wait staff show customers to their table, take orders, and interact with them as much as possible. There are also a limited number of positions as baristas or bartenders.

Kitchen Staff / Line Cooks:

All of our locations have full kitchens with different menus & food items at different locations. Our WIRED CAFE feature simple meals, but we also have Italian restaurants, Japanese restaurants, and a wide variety of fusion cuisines.

Work Location:

You may have a preference for which of our 100 locations you would like to go to, but in the end would be placed where most needed.

Our locations (as of Apr. 2016).


Applicants must:
– Must have a valid student, working holiday, spousal, or other working visa,
– be currently living in the Tokyo area,
– have at least 1 year left on your visa/stay in Japan,
– be outgoing, with a friendly personality, and want to try working in the service industry.
– Speak conversational Japanese and have a desire to improve and ideally be a student currently studying the language.
– Have an outgoing personality and enjoy talking to people. Ie. someone who would rather have fun working in a cafe than sit in front of a computer at a desk all day.
– Read all the info on other pages of this site and also check out our main corporate site. We want someone who likes/gets our style of cafe and general corporate concept.

Preferred, but not required:
– Have a strong interest in food, drink, and coffee.
– Have previous experience in the food service industry.


– Tokyo starts from 940 yen/hour. Depends on location & shift hours.
– Osaka starts from 890 yen/hour.
– Kyoto starts from 840 yen/hour
– Train/bus travel expenses provided
– Uniform & one meal provided

Start Date:

– Immediately or any time. We’re always hiring.

How to apply?

By email, send us your:

-CV (w/headshot picture) in PDF or Word in English and/or Japanese.
Also let us know:
– your visa type &
– your duration in Japan,
– your motivation for working in a restaurant in Tokyo,
– which location in particular, if any, you are applying for.

Email the above to: