NEWS: Our first class!

Updated April 18, 2015.

Introducing our first 4 interns for the Spring 2015 (Feb 15 – Apr 15) program!



Country: Germany
Location: Antenna <> Wired Cafe

“Being an intern at Cafe Company seemed really interesting to me, and I haven’t been let down! I was hoping for an open place, where you can still be yourself while gaining some work experience. The welcoming atmosphere at the café really helped taking away my shyness towards the other staff, they’re all so patient and willing to help! The lessons in addition to the work at the cafe make me believe that I couldn’t have found a better internship to improve my language skills and get an insight into a Japanese company.”




Country: Singapore
Location: Flowers Common

“The internship has been very much a cultural immersion for me. I’m not only picking up Japanese expressions used in the “real world”, which is more useful than just classroom expressions, I’ve also had the chance to experience the Japanese “baito” culture  which will definitely be a unforgettable one. I’m also grateful that everyone has been so patient in teaching me from scratch and in understanding my broken Japanese!”




Country: Turkey
Location: Moja in the House

“I’ve been an intern at Cafe Company since middle of February. in this time being, i’ve learned many things about cafe and restaurant culture, how to serve to customer, and Japanese way of doing business. Also, because I got a chance to talk with other staff and many different customers, I believe my Japanese skills are really improved. We learn Japanese at school but with this intern I put my Japanese into practice. In addition, I enjoyed learning deeply about cafe design. ”




Country: Russia
Location: Public House

“This internship became one of the most prominent undertakings during my exchange year in Japan, and I am grateful for giving me the opportunity to work in a Japanese café and feel its special atmosphere. Of course there are many things I still do not know, but it is your mistakes that constitute one of the most important parts of your learning and become a challenge for you, making you think: «Next time I will definitely be able to do this!». And of course it is thanks to my colleagues, who are always eager to help me, teaching new things and giving advice, that this internship became such a precious experience.”


Final Presentations:

After two months of thinking and planning, our interns presented their final projects – a new cafe plan – to our planning staff at our head office in Harajuku.