Part-Time Jobs @ American Diner in Shibuya

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Updated Oct 29, 2016.

*We are also looking for line chefs for our Spanish Izakaya in Aoyama.

About Us

Cafe Company Inc. is a cafe/restaurant operator in Tokyo.
We have 100 locations in Japan (mainly Tokyo, a few in Osaka & Kyoto) and 4 in Hong Kong.

We have multi-brand approach and each cafe/restaurant we create takes into account the personality of the neighborhood and surrounding community. Our locations reflect the latest trends in Tokyo street fashion, music, art, and modern/traditional Japanese culture.

About MOJA in the HOUSE

After touring the Harlem and the east coast of America, our chef team came across a dish that they absolutely had to bring back to Japan. Thus our new signature dish in MOJA in the HOUSE, chicken & waffles, was born. Our take on the modern American diner, MOJA in the HOUSE is located in an out-of-the-way part of Shibuya on the Omotesando side.

We are now looking for line cooks for this location.

Please check out the website for more shop details.

Job Descriptions

– Line Cooks / Kitchen Staff
Shift hours & days to be discussed
Wage 940 yen/hour + 500 yen/day for transportation
* Wage goes up 25% after 22:00.


Can start immediately.


– Must have high conversational Japanese ability.
Most of all, you should be studying Japanese and have a strong desire to improve it.
– Must have a valid student, working holiday, spousal, or other working visa,
– be currently living in the Tokyo area,
– be willing to work at least 28 hours / week,
– have at least 1 year left on your visa/stay in Japan,
– be outgoing, with a friendly personality, and want to try working in the service industry.
– Previous industry experience is preferred, but not required.

How to apply?

By email, send us your:

-CV (w/headshot picture) in PDF or Word in English and/or Japanese.
Also let us know:
– your visa type &
– your duration in Japan,
– your motivation for working in a restaurant in Tokyo,
– which location in particular, if any, you are applying for.

Updated Nov. 20, 2017: Now all applications will be taken through our main corporate site at:

Other Jobs

Please check other information on this site for possible jobs with us as:

– Part-timers
Paid, open to any one, must commit to work at least 6 – 12 months, speak conversational Japanese.

– Interns
Unpaid, open to students in a Japanese university and graduating in 2016 or 2017, commit to work 2 months, speak conversational Japanese.

– Full-time 正社員・新卒採用
New grads looking for full-time employee work w/ visa sponsorship here in Japan.