Part-time jobs for Chinese Speakers (Ginza)


Updated: Jan 12, 2016.



We are looking for Chinese speakers to work as baristas or hall staff at our Minori Cafe / Minoru Diner located on the 9th floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi. This cafe/diner is made in collaboration with the Japan Farmer’s Association and uses all veggies and meats from Japan.

The number of Chinese tourists in the Ginza area has been steadily increasing so we are looking for Mandarin Chinese speaking staff to take care of these customers.

みのりみのる:Minori Minoru

Shop info:

仕事内容:Job Description:

– バリスタ/ラインスタッフ@みのりカフェ or ホールスタッフ/キッチンスタッフ@みのる食堂
– Barista/Line staff @ Minori Cafe or Hall Staff/Kitchen Staff at Minoru Diner

Requirements 募集条件

– 留学生ビザ、ワーキングホリデービザを保有、
– ビザの有効期間は後1年以上が残っている、
– 東京に住んでいます、
– 日常会話の日本語ができる、ある程度読める、
– 中国語(北京語)ができる、
– 料理やおしゃべりが好きな人!

– Must be a university student, or on working holiday,
– have at least 1 year left on your visa/stay in Japan.
– currently by living and studying in the Tokyo area,
– speak conversational Japanese,
– speak Mandarin Chinese &
– must have a strong interest in food and talking with people!

Compensation 時給

1,100 JPY/hour

Start Date アルバイト開始

– ASAP 今すぐでも

To Apply 応募方法

CV (w/headshot picture) in PDF or Word in English and/or Japanese to the below email:

Updated Nov. 20, 2017: Now all applications will be taken through our main corporate site at:

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