Kyoto Modern Terrace – Part Time Jobs


Updated Jan 11, 2016.

About Us

Cafe Company Inc. is a cafe/restaurant operator in Tokyo. We have 80 locations in Japan (mainly Tokyo, a few in Osaka & Kyoto) and 3 in Hong Kong.

We have multi-brand approach and each cafe/restaurant we create takes into account the personality of the neighborhood and surrounding community. Our locations reflect the latest trends in Tokyo street fashion, music, art, and modern/traditional Japanese culture. We are a collective of professional service men, interior designers, graphic designers, real estate experts, and chefs.


We are now looking for wait staff and hall staff for our new KYOTO MODERN TERRACE in Kyoto, opening in January 2016. It will be located within the Rohm Theatre complex ( near Heian Jingu. This complex will be built in the renovated Kyoto Kaikan building, a classic of 1960’s Japanese architecture.

KYOTO MODERN TERRACE will be a restaurant with 100 seats indoors, and a huge terrace area with another 100 seats. The menu will be an international mix, and will page homage to an authentic 60’s style.

This new complex and restaurant will attract a great many international customer and we want our staff to be international as well.

Update: We just opened on Jan 11. Here’s the shop site:

Job Description

– Waitstaff or Kitchen Positions

Shift hours & days to be discussed

Wage 1,000 yen/hour + 500 yen/day for transportation

*We also have a separate vegan cafe in Kyoto where we’re hiring.

Required Japanese Ability

– Must have high conversational ability, not necessarily fluent.

Most of all, you should be studying Japanese and have a strong desire to improve it.


– Must be a university student, or on a working holiday
– currently living and studying in the Kyoto area,
– have a current student or working visa, and
– have at least 1 year left on your visa/stay in Japan.
– Must be outgoing, with a friendly personality, and want to try working in the service industry.
– Previous industry experience is preferred, but not required.


– Interviews in Kyoto from now to opening.
– Paid training: from Dec 14, 2015
– Grand opening: from Jan 10, 2016

How to apply?

By email, send us your:
-CV w/headshot picture (PDF or Word) in English and/or Japanese.
*Your chances of getting this Kyoto position are greatly improved if you can send a 日本語 CV.

Also let us know:
– your visa type &
– your duration in Japan,
– your motivation for working in a restaurant in Japan
– which location in particular, if any, you are applying for.

Email the above to:

Other Jobs

Please check other information on this site for possible jobs with us as:

– Part-timers
Paid, open to any one, must commit to work at least 6 – 12 months, speak conversational Japanese.

– Interns
Unpaid, open to students in a Japanese university and graduating in 2016 or 2017, commit to work 2 months, speak conversational Japanese.

– Full-time 正社員・新卒採用
New grads looking for full-time employee work w/ visa sponsorship here in Japan.