2018 Internship Program


Our 4 interns from our first class of Spring 2015.

Updated: May 08, 2017

About Cafe Company

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About Cafe Company’s Internship Program.

We started our internship program for foreign university students in Tokyo to give real-world working experience in Japan and to improve their Japanese. For us, we’d like to find students who would consider joining us full-time after graduation.

Unlike a regular internship sitting at a desk and working at an office, the main focus of our internship is actually working in one of our cafe as a regular employee. The two-month program is also supplemented with weekly business classes at our head office.

See our first class from Spring 2015 here.

Why are we hiring international staff?

We focus on the community aspect of our cafes/restaurants, but one of our weaknesses until now has been that we haven’t much included the international community within our staff. A large percentage of our customer base is non-Japanese, and the number will only keep on growing until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. We want our staff to match up better with our international clientele.

Also, we are looking to slowly but surely expand globally in the next couple of years and would like to find those superstars who we can entrust in the future, full-time to our global locations.

Job Description 1: Work in a Cafe

Unlike internships that take place in an office, making copies, attending meetings, etc., the bulk of our interns’ time will be spent actually working in one of our cafes/restaurants. All of our cafes & restaurants are full service, so our wait staff show customers to their table, take orders, and interact with them as much as possible.

Note: You may have a preference for which of our many shops you would like to go to, but in the end would be placed where most needed.

Job Description 2: Business Lessons

The above cafe work will be supplemented by 2 hour weekly Japanese & business lessons at our head office in Harajuku. The final lesson will be a presentation of a new cafe plan, thought up and planned by the students. Students will then be given an Internship Completion Certificate.


Final presentations of our first class of Spring 2015.

Lesson Plans:
Week 1: Cafe Japanese – basic cafe industry words, phrases, and conversation practice.
Week 2: Business Japanese – basic business & corporate Japanese practice
Week 3: Intro to Cafe Planning – from concept to sales forecast, how to design a new cafe
Week 4: Area Marketing  – how to look at customers at different Tokyo neighborhoods.
Week 5: Sales Forecasting – price per customer, daily turnover, etc.
Week 6-7: Practice & Updating Cafe Plan
Week 8: Plan Presentations


Applicants must:
– Be internationals students currently studying full-time in a Japanese university in Tokyo, graduating in 2018 or 2019.
– Speak conversational Japanese and have a desire to improve, and ideally be a currently studying the language.
– Have a strong interest in food, drink, and coffee.
– Have an outgoing personality and enjoy talking to people. Ie. someone who would rather have fun working in a cafe than sit in front of a computer at a desk all day.
– Read all the info on other pages of this site and also check out our main corporate site. We want someone who likes/gets our style of cafe and general corporate concept.
– Must be able to work up to 28 hours / week during the Spring or Summer vacation periods.
– Most importantly, internship candidates must be interested in the possibility of joining Cafe Company as a full-time 新卒社員 after graduating. For those who aren’t necessarily thinking about a full-time job with us after graduation, a regular part-time job may better suit your needs.

Preferred, but not required:
– Have previous experience in the food service industry.

– Work in unpaid for those who can stay with us for only the 2 month internship period.
– Work would be paid if you could stay on for at least 6 months months. Ie. the job would be a regular part-time job, with the 2 month internship & business lessons in the middle. It’s a little confusing, but as much as possible, we don’t want to do unpaid internships so please inquire to see how the schedule would work out.
– Train/bus travel expenses provided
– Uniform & one meal/work shift provided

What opportunities are offered for those who complete the program?

Most graduates of our program will go back to their home countries or find full-time work with other companies, but for those interested in a full-time position with us, we can help change your status to a work visa to stay in Japan long term.

Most full-time positions would be as cafe / restaurant staff. For those who want a planning, marketing, or other head office type job, we would have limited positions available, but you would still need to work at least 1 – 2 years at a cafe before moving to the head office.

What is the schedule for starting and duration?

*These dates are tentative and may be subject to change.

  • Spring Vacation 2018:
    • Starts February 2018 (8 weeks)
    • Application deadline: not yet decided, around January 2018
    • Business Lessons are for 2 hours, every Thursday.
    • Cafe Work Schedule is for 28~40 hours/week.
    • Taking 3 – 5 students.

How to apply?

Updated Nov. 20, 2017: We are currently reworking our internship program and are no longer accepting applications for 2018 interns.

We first started this internship program in Spring 2015 as a paid, two-month internship. We feel that people who work for us should be paid for their time, but because many universities do not allow for paid internships and because we want to have as many options as possible, from Spring 2016 we will have separate unpaid internships and paid part-time jobs.

– Interns –
Main target: University students who are graduating soon, and are interested in potentially working full-time for Cafe Company in the future.
Work Period: 2 months during Spring or Summer vacations, with no long term commitments

Paid Part-Timers –

Main target: Any student or international person in Japan looking to work and earn some money.
Work Period: Can start at any time, but must be someone who can commit to stay on as a part-timer for 6 to 12 months.

* If you would like to earn money during your internships, and you can fulfill both the intern and part-timer requirements, and your working period overlaps with the internship period, regular part-timers are more than welcome to attend the business lessons and receive the internship completion certificate.

As much as possible, we would like to pay those who work for us – we only want to do unpaid internships rarely for when students cannot commit to a longer part-time job.


updated April 28, 2017.

We just completely renovated our English corporate site with more videos about what it’s like working at our cafes. Check out all of them at www.cafecompany.com/recruit/.