Cookpad Studio – Make food videos in Daikanyama!

Updated Apr. 13, 2018

About Cookpad

Started 20 years ago in Tokyo, Cookpad is an IT company with the largest food recipe service in the world. It is immensely popular in Japan with over 60 mil. users sharing or searching for recipes. We are also located in over 60 countries in 20 languages: English, Spanish, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Taiwanese, and more.

Company info in English.

About Cookpad Studio

The original Cookpad service allows users to upload pictures and text for their recipes, but today food videos are becoming the norm. However, most current food videos are made by professionals because the average user doesn’t have the equipment to make their own. We wanted anyone to have the facilities to make their own food videos so in Dec. 2017 we opened Cookpad Studio in the Daikanyama neighborhood of Tokyo. We have developed a system where anyone without any particular filming or video editing skills can make a professional grade food video.

We are now looking for part-time staff to cook and film food videos, and to assist Cookpad users to make their own videos.

Cookpad Studio:

Example Food Video

Cookpad Studio Daikanyama has four video filming booths with cameras, lighting, and all types of pots, pans, knives, and everything needed to cook. Users need only bring the raw ingredients and they can make a video free of charge. Cookpad has also developed a simple-to-use editing application that runs on an iPad.

A user cooking and filming.

Here is the finished video:

Job Description

– Assist users who come to film their own videos. (in Japanese)
– Cook and film food videos as selected by Cookpad. You must be able to read and follow recipes written in Japanese.
– Assist and help plan food related events held at Cookpad Studio.

Other Details

– Wage: 1,400 yen / hour + transportation.
– Open hours: Open every day 10:00 – 22:00.
– Shifts: 4 to 8 hours/day. 3 – 4 days/week.
– Location: 1 min. walk from Daikanyama Station (one down from Shibuya)


– Must: have conversational Japanese ability
– Must: have a valid student, working holiday, spousal, or other working visa
– Must: be currently living in the Tokyo area
– Must: have at least 1 year left on your visa/stay in Japan
– Must: be able to work at least 21 – 28 hours / week. The more the better for us.
– Must: be able to cook!
– Must: be outgoing, with a friendly personality, and want to try working in the service industry.
– Prefer: Previous restaurant experience is preferred, but not required.
– Not Required: Any type of video filming skills. We’ll teach you what you need to know.

How to apply?

By email, send us your:

1) CV (w/headshot picture) in PDF or Word in English and/or Japanese.
In your email, also let us know:
2) your visa type & its validity period
3) how long you have been in Japan
4) how long you have studied the Japanese language
5) your current level of Japanese (speaking & reading)
6) your school schedule, or what days & times you would be available for work.
7) your motivation for working at Cookpad Studio.

Email the above to nico[at]

For reference, here is the Japanese site with job details.

About this site was originally created by Cafe Company Inc., a Tokyo restaurant company, but for this one page is collaborating with Cookpad Inc. Hiring would be done directly by Cookpad Inc. and there is no agent fee.