About Cafe Company Inc.

Head office in Harajuku, Tokyo.

Updated May 08, 2017

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About Us

Cafe Company Inc. all about building Community and community gathering spaces. The main way we do this is by building and operating cafes & restaurants – in other words, communities built around good food and drink. Founded in Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan in 2001, we produce and directly operate cafes, restaurants, and community places mainly in the Tokyo area, with other locations throughout Japan, and a few abroad in Hong Kong.

WIRED TOKYO 1999 in Shibuya - a combination book store & cafe.

WIRED TOKYO 1999 in Shibuya – a combination book store & cafe.

Our people

We are a collective of service professionals, interior designers, graphic designers, real estate experts, and chefs. We design ourselves all aspects of our cafes & restaurants from the menu design & concept, interior design, and graphic / logo design.

This video below was made for our new WIRED GREEN cafe in Hong Kong, which opened in Dec. 2015. It showcases some of our best people. (It was made to be shown on the wall of the cafe, so has no sound.)

Cafe Operations

In 1999, we opened our first cafe underneath the train tracks in the Shibuya area of Tokyo. Since then, we have expanded to almost 100 locations – mostly in the Tokyo area, but also in Kyoto, Osaka, and a handful of other cities.

We have two main lines of shops, WIRED CAFE and then everything else. WIRED CAFE was born in Harajuku and with a casual comfort food, huge desserts, and original drinks became very popular with the young, fashionable crowd. Now we have almost 40 locations.

The EVERYTHING ELSE restaurants have only one or a few locations each, and are tailored to meld into their particular neighborhoods. As we define the word “cafe” as a “community gathering place centered on food & drink”, we do not limit ourselves to a coffee shop experience, but experiment with all types of restaurants. We also operate Japanese-style izakaya’s, Italian restaurants, ramen shops, a casual Japanese restaurant & tea house, a Spanish bar, a live music restaurant, an event space & cooking school, and various other shop types. Our team of chefs, interior designers, architects, and operations managers have built up a high level of expertise in creating and operating successful cafes and restaurants.


Our Philosophy

Spending time in a cafe is an expression of the modern, urban lifestyle and a way to create a community with those around you. The CAFE in our company name is not a coffee shop, but for us CAFE = Community Access For Everyone. Each neighborhood is different and the people who live and work there, who pass through for leisure form a particular community. Each of our cafes and restaurants are designed with the particular neighborhood and the people in that community in mind.

Some examples of what we mean by community below.

Community: Cafe Salvador


Cafe Salvador – Marunouchi

Cafe Salvador was (the building was torn down to be rebuilt, so the cafe is no more) a cafe of our in Marunouchi, by Tokyo Station. Here, we cultivated the neighborhood community by not just serving as the neighborhood gathering space, but also holding morning education classes, theatre shows, and taking part in various Marunouchi events. Below is a video about Cafe Salvador that was produced, shot by, and star all regular customers of ours.



COMMUNE246, our outdoor food truck / farmer’s market / event space in Omotesando

Leading up to the opening of our WIRED HOTEL in Asakusa, we started our Unofficial Japan Guide event series, held at COMMUNE246. This event series looks to bridge our Japan community with a more international one – hopefully to converge at the opening of our hotel.

We’re also all about FOOD!

In the past couple of years, our chefs have gone to Portland, NY, LA, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Barcelona, etc. to see what the food scene is like there and to get some inspiration. We mix what we see there with our Japanese sensibilities to create entirely new food menus.

WIRED CAFE - casual cafe fare.

WIRED CAFE – casual cafe fare.


WIRED TOKYO 1999 – specializing in grilled meats.


Harimazaka Morizumi – our ramen shop.

Moja - our modern take on the American diner.

MOJA in the HOUSE – our modern take on the American diner.


We partner with Jose Kawashima – known as the coffee hunter – to source our coffee beans.  We use single-estate beans from San Miguel in Guatemala or beans from the small village of Inza in Colombia. Our head barista has traveled with Jose to the producers farms to inspect the growing and picking processes and  to get to know the coffee growers by name (Alejandro in Guatemala and Jesus in Colombia).

Beans are imported green and roasted in our partner roastery in Kyoto. In October 2015, we opened a small roastery in Shibuya so that in the future all our beans will be roasted in-house.



Global Operations

As the company that started the cafe boom in Japan many years ago, we know how to build a modern, stylish cafe. Tokyo’s cafe culture is extremely vibrant and aim to bring this culture to new locations overseas. We operate 4 cafes Hong Kong, and 1 in Bangkok.

We are planning new locations in the US and other parts of Asia, and hopefully will go to Europe in the next few years.

Also, in March 2016 we brought New York’s famous Rosemary’s Italian restaurant to Tokyo. In the future we hope to help bring other such international brands to the Japanese market.

About Global Recruitment

We are still an almost entirely Japanese company, and are just now starting to globalize. Our first step, is to hire great people with international experience. We started this site on Feb 2015 for our first internship program. That program was a great success and we have started taking in regular part-time employees and full-time employees, and so the direction of this site has changed accordingly.

Please check other information on this site for possible jobs with us as:

Paid, open to anyone in Japan, must commit to work at least 6 – 12 months, speak conversational Japanese.

Paid or Unpaid, open to students in a Japanese school and who are thinking of joining us full-time after graduation.

Full-time 正社員・新卒採用
New grads looking for full-time employee work w/ visa sponsorship here in Japan.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!